Completed kindergarten, Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Ozone Park, New York 1963.

Enrolled, barely graduating beauty college alongside classmate Whoopi Goldberg.

Grew into my cutting shears, apprenticing year one at Vidal Sassoon.  Second year styled John Cale - Crime - Talking Heads - B-52's - Avengers and The Tubes. Middle of year three canned from VS, “Did not play well with other stylists". Boo-hoo, poor me.

1981 attained immediate freelance status styling films with actor Peter Coyote - print alongside Billy Idol and Patrick DeMarchelier for Italian Vogue - styling endless models backstage before runway shows - bored to tears as a paid gun fluffing Bon Jovi among other notables at MTV's dawning.

1982 established Heat - a beauty lounge gallery.
Talk of the town, consecrated by features in California Living Magazine, with appearances on AM San Francisco.

Propelled by greed's hunger, 1984 opened Schiavo, a prodigious gallery salon. Drew attention at Frank - Fad and San Francisco Magazine; labeling my pilot concept and its offering the "Spiritual Haircut".

Proving success should arrive post sobriety - 1991 abandoned a third establishment, Schiavo Salone di Bellezza, after two gruelling years on Union Square in San Francisco, upon one inexcusable cocaine habit while the IRS clawed at my jugular.

Found a perfect underground hideout on the lam through Bill Graham Productions, styling the first Lollapalooza tour, kicked off by Jane’s Addiction, Nine Inch Nails and Ice-T.

1992 conquered my twenty year drug and alcohol addiction. An accruing compulsory IRS debt kept me bouncing from New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Paris to Rome styling print, fashion shows, gathering a semi-worldwide clientele.

Gained access through eccentric client producers; Hal Wilner and Howard Thompson, making exclusive introductions styling musicians, as well actors: Roseanne Barr - Blythe Danner - John Campbell - Danny Gatton - Lou Reed - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Brian Jonestown Massacre along with The Dandy Warhols.

Victory, all mine - the tedious near decade battle for an IRS Offer in Compromise settlement was finally over. In 2000 Allure magazine featured my absurd one thousand dollar haircut, touting eminent single name status among luminary hairstylists, followed by San Francisco magazine who quickly jumped on the bandwagon. 2002 my pièce de résistance, front page of The New York Times Sunday Style Section Pulse: Los Angeles, in addition: Details - NME - Gentry - Divine Caroline - San Francisco Chronicle - - New York Post - 7x7 - SF Indie Fashion - Modelina Michelle - Style Studio SF - Daily Candy - La Roja Peluqueria - ABC 7 and

Jehr Schiavo, the sculptor's tools: water, comb, scissor - voilà, a jehrcut. No gimmicky tricks; a minimalist atelier, artfully shaping well-known names, your next door neighbor's Thursday afternoon psychotherapist, or the elusive startup entrepreneurial mystic. Alphabetically: Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, having spent the greater part of my career in these cities - currently haven't felt completely at ease choosing one above another permanently.

Married Jeanette a dozen years ago, the angel who captured my heart. 2008 began traveling with LouLou, seven years later, our twelve-year-old modern bedouin daughter, produces an additional significant aspect to unfold, "famiglia di Schiavo" holding court together, an experience our cherished patrons find soothing within their sometimes topsy-turvy day.

Monster of a year 2008; woken by divinity calling - grabbed paper and pencil, seven years running refuse to let all three escape - having to date six manuscripts itching for some publisher's wink. "If you want something done right, do it yourself," January 2016 is my release date. No longer confined by the restraints of a literary agent's form rejection letter; I'm gonna self-publish my nonfiction - beauty, fashion, health and awareness narrative - possessing satirical denunciation of associated corporate overlords. It's title, wouldn't you like to know?

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